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USB Foot Switch II - "Usb HIDKB Not connected"

I recently bought a USB Triple Foot Switch II from Scythe. Unfortunately the provided software did not run on my Lenovo Yoga (windows 8 - 64 bits). as I was still getting "Usb HIDKB Not connected". Fortunately I did find an alternative solution here:

With the software accessible here:
which I copy here in case it disappear as I did not find the original post regarding this alternate solution

Switching workspace using DartEditor

DartEditor always uses the ~/.DartEditor workspace location, as it can be seen in the .ini file in the -data parameter. This becomes a pain when you have a lot of active projects as loading projects is a pain.
You can however use a specific directory by overriding the option in the command line. This allows having projects and dependencies ready to use:


DartEditor -data ~/workspaces/myproject1
DartEditor -data ~/workspaces/myproject2

Tizen debugging good practice

Setup: Ubuntu 13.04 and Tizen 2.2

Tizen emulator seems to be quickly messup when an application crashes. You end-up with error like "Cannot launch application with GDBClient" the next time you try to debug it.

Some voodoo tricks strictly personal

Make sure you have no debugging in progress in the Debug perspectiveUse Run-as explicitly before running/debugging again (of course if it crashes, you'd better comment out the offending code before running and set it again before debugging)Make sure you have the proper project highlighted in the Project ExplorerDebugger does not like macros sometimes and doing F5 (step into) or F6 (step over) might simply report a wrong exception. So put a breakpoint either after o inside the function being called by the macroDebugger does not like some objects or methods. I remember having problems with ArrayList sometimesSometimes restart the emulatorSometimes simply wait...Sometimes pressing the Home button after debugging helps (well that sou…

Getting Tizen Source Code

Create an account at Get repo from Google curl > ~/bin/repo
chmod +x ~/bin/repo Personnaly i added it to my path so that I can use repo directly
Download the source code using repo Create a dir where to put the source. It takes a while (about 20GB!)

mkdir tizen-src cd tizen-src repo init -u git:// repo sync
I guess I did other setting regarding ssh access as I used repo when getting android source code...

Getting the proper branch

Currently, this works for tizen 2.2

repo forall -c 'git checkout tizen_2.2'