Tizen debugging good practice

Setup: Ubuntu 13.04 and Tizen 2.2

Tizen emulator seems to be quickly messup when an application crashes. You end-up with error like "Cannot launch application with GDBClient" the next time you try to debug it.

Some voodoo tricks strictly personal

  • Make sure you have no debugging in progress in the Debug perspective
  • Use Run-as explicitly before running/debugging again (of course if it crashes, you'd better comment out the offending code before running and set it again before debugging)
  • Make sure you have the proper project highlighted in the Project Explorer
  • Debugger does not like macros sometimes and doing F5 (step into) or F6 (step over) might simply report a wrong exception. So put a breakpoint either after o inside the function being called by the macro
  • Debugger does not like some objects or methods. I remember having problems with ArrayList sometimes
  • Sometimes restart the emulator
  • Sometimes simply wait...
  • Sometimes pressing the Home button after debugging helps (well that sounds weird)

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