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Host static web site on Google Cloud Storage

A few steps, base on

Register a domain name, for example, mydomain.comGo to to verity the domain ownership. Typically I create DNS TXT (Follow alternate method, then Domain name provider) to end-up adding something like that:[blank] IN TXT "google-site-verification=MjSLfpPhbuQqEVdNjx9qlzMmtX5oZdvgShdBLn-Nhik"Create a bucket with the [subdomain.] name (subdomains are optional)push 2 simple files to it (index.html, 404.html)Configure the bucket as a web sitesetwebcfg -m index.html -e 404.html gs://subdomain.mydomain.comIn your DNS create a CNAME aliases of IN CNAME VoilĂ 

Get old/newer version of Dart SDK and Editor

While pub is ok to select packages that works with an older SDK, there are sometimes cases where public packages are not updated to work with the latest SDK. You're then stuck as dartlang website does not offer to download older version.
However older version are available here:

Continuous build are available here: