Host static web site on Google Cloud Storage

A few steps, base on

  • Register a domain name, for example,
  • Go to to verity the domain ownership. Typically I create DNS TXT (Follow alternate method, then Domain name provider) to end-up adding something like that:
[blank] IN TXT "google-site-verification=MjSLfpPhbuQqEVdNjx9qlzMmtX5oZdvgShdBLn-Nhik"
  • Create a bucket with the [subdomain.] name (subdomains are optional)
  • push 2 simple files to it (index.html, 404.html)
  • Configure the bucket as a web site
setwebcfg -m index.html -e 404.html gs://
  • In your DNS create a CNAME aliases of
subdomain IN CNAME


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