Deploying a static website efficiently on Google Cloud Storage

I have several static websites hosted on Google Cloud Storage for which the only thing missing is the ability to have a custom domain using SSL.

In my deploying process from the local file system I was using the gsutil cp command that enables gzipping the files by extension (html,css,js). However each time every file was copied which was a pain when I was using several unmodified images.

My first experience with gsutil rsync was bad:

  • I could not gzip the files I needed
  • Just touching a file was causing it to be re-deployed
However I was able to find an optimized way for deployment
  • Split my local folder into 2 folders with the same hierarchy, one containing the content to be gzip (html,css,js...), the other the other files
  • Gzip each file in my gzip folder (in place)
  • Call gsutil rsync in for each folder to the same gs destination
Of course, it is only a one way synchronization and deleted local files are not deleted remotely
For the gzip folder the command is

gsutil -m -h Content-Encoding:gzip rsync -c -r src/gzip gs://dst

forcing the content encoding to be gzippped

For the other folder the command is

gsutil -m rsync -c -r src/none gs://dst

the -m option is used for parallel optimization. The -c option is needed to force using checksum validation ( the -r option is used for recursivity.

To do all this, I wrote a script (in dart of course !) that you can try

# Install the tool
pub global activate -s git git://

Create a simple web project

# Build
pub build
# Deploy Install my build folder to my bucket
gswebdeploy build/web gs://my_bucket/my_folder

You should see the following

Building synchronization state...
Starting synchronization
Copying file://build/gs/web/gzip/index.html [Content-Type=text/html]...
Copying file://build/gs/web/gzip/main.dart.js [Content-Type=application/javascript]...
Copying file://build/gs/web/gzip/packages/browser/interop.js [Content-Type=application/javascript]...
Copying file://build/gs/web/gzip/packages/browser/dart.js [Content-Type=application/javascript]...
Copying file://build/gs/web/gzip/styles.css [Content-Type=text/css]...          
- [5/5 files][ 12.5 KiB/ 12.5 KiB] 100% Done                                    
Operation completed over 5 objects/12.5 KiB.  

If you run again, you'll see that only modified files are uploaded

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